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Why not YouTube?

Ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to be a performer. I caught the bug in kindergarten when I was in a bootleg production of the Lorax. From then on out I asked my parents to put me in production after production. For me it was all about that audience interaction. Giving an audience something that I could see that they loved as I performed! So now I wonder... can I actually get that same fulfilled feeling when my performance isn't live? Will my audience even enjoy it?

Five years ago my brother showed me the Lonely Island Boys early work, followed by their work on SNL. Just 2 Guyz and We Like Sportz (video to the left) are so simple and amateur, but it launched them into stardom. His point was to not worry or spend too much time polishing and therefore never showing your art off.

In other words, just do it!

So when I got back into doing some... extra curricular acting stuffs? My first thought was to start a YouTube series. That was the extent of my idea though. I ended up working on this blog first, then starting a professional Facebook page, then asked everyone I know what I should do with my time. It took a couple of months but I finally came up with an idea.

My first idea was something easy (I thought), an interview show. I spent a couple of days writing out a script. I outlined three different scenarios. I talked to a few friends, talking about the outlines, asking for help, even talking to one friend about hosting the show for me. Everything was going great, but it wasn't going FORWARD. I found out that the more I thought about it the more difficult filming, editing, finding guests, and keeping it interesting was becoming. And I have NO experience behind the camera. So I thought, "what can I do that will act as practice?"

So I thought about what I watch on YouTube and what I know. I thought about all videos I watch that break down movie scene, director's works, and story writing. I spent three days learning about Fair Use laws, and then I wrote my first script. I thought it would take about 3-5 hours to put an episode together. It took that long just to write the script, another 2 hours to record audio, 6 hours to compile photos and video, and then I wrote and filmed an intro and outro. After fixing all of the mistakes just to find out that I made new mistakes and finally deciding that it would have to be good enough, I had spent 20 hours on the first video alone.

So here we are, two weeks after "completing" the first video and I just finished my second. Yesterday I finally posted the first episode of Theatre Customs and I've scheduled the second. I've announced that the videos will come out every other week, but after seeing how much time it actually takes to do this project I'm starting to realize that I may have gotten myself in over my head. I know it looks pretty amateurish, but I know that if I stick it out I will grow immensely!

Whats the worst that can happen? I'm just happy that I'm following my dreams!


Thank you for being so supportive by making it all the way through this post! If you enjoy what you have been reading please don't forget to like, share, and subscribe in order to stay up to date with future content. You can also keep the conversation going by leaving a comment below. I would love to discus any of my topics further or talk about what I have going on next. Until next week!

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