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Oslo and Other Updates

Well, it's been too long hasn't it!

A couple weeks back I started rehearsals for Oslo! It's a fantastic show about the peace accords that happened in 1993 in Oslo, Norway between the Israelis and the Palestinian State. I am very excited to play a real person who I have been able to look up in videos and base my characteristics. However playing an Israeli is hard. Not only is the culture so different to my own, but I have to say that the accent is significantly harder than I'd like.

Anyways, it's quite a project to sink my teeth into, but knowing myself I have spread myself thin. So, lets see if I can get some work lined up for after Oslo? I'm looking at possibly working out of the area and even moving to another big city. Currently Chicago is the front runner, but if any of you have ideas or suggestions please let me know!

I also know that I need to get myself back into tip top performer shape. So another attempt to turn this into a real profession! Voice lessons for now, then I'll add dance classes in, and possible acting coaching (WHAT THE WHAT?) like a real actor....

So here's to a new year? A new resolve? a push to move on? a step in the right direction! Remember, it's easy to fall into a pattern. It's easy to let what may come to you. But you can't get what you want without a clear path, and hard hard hard work to take you across the finish line.

So, to the finish line. May it come soon, and may there be a bigger better goal to accomplish right after.

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