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Werk! No, Keep Working!

I decided to take the summer off of theatre. I had been working straight through from one production to the next for a little over a year. But as I looked at upcoming auditions I realized that no upcoming production spoke to me as a "must do", and I knew that I should really give my wife some time off of dog care after watching our crazy pup for so long. The funny thing is that I haven't really had any time OFF since that decision.

Last year I got some advice. I'd heard it before, but last year I finally got it. Consider acting a job. Whether or not I'm in a show I have to constantly work! This last month I've worked on two film productions, three theatre auditions, two modeling auditions, five film/tv auditions (have I told you how I hate auditions?), this blog, and talking to several different friends about making my YouTube series a reality (and I SWEAR it's going to happen).

I have heard my friends tell me two distinctly opposite philosophies about this. One friend will say that you need to specialize in one field that makes you happy. Become the best in your field. Take classes and make sure your become known for the field, and then you will start to get recognized for it and...

success begets success.

The other friend says that you have to cast a wide net. Work on every project you can because you never know which is going to be your big break.

You will find success in numbers.

I used to belong to the first group. It became so well known that I had producers approach me on a few occasions saying that they'd have loved to have worked with me on such and such play, but they knew better than to ask because everyone know's that I only do musicals. I don't hear about missed opportunities anymore, and I have begun to find success in fields I never expected to work in the first place. I don't know where I'll be located in a year. I don't know if I will become a film, musical theatre, or straight play actor. I know what makes me happy. I know that without a strong and constant artistic outlet I can't be happy. So I am moving toward more professional work, and filling my time with as much work as I can get my hands on!

I have found my success. I'm not there yet. but I see the path for the first time. I am finding success in numbers.

Patreon is a website for artists who need a little extra financial help in order to produce their product. On top of this blog, I want to start an interview series in order to give a more well rounded idea of what being a performing artist is like. I want to make the leap to short videos, as well as delve into sketch comedy and satire. And in order to grow my passion into a real business I need help; I simply could not do this without you. Thank you so much for being a fan of my work and considering joining me on this adventure!

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