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After going on a long hike today with the furball I finally got home and thought, "It's Friday and I haven't posted since November. Its time to get back in the habit!"

What I have found the most difficult of my chosen profession is making good habits. I love the individualism and uniqueness that my different jobs provide me.

I love acting.

I love order/technique

But acting does not produce order in my life. Society is not set up to fit my lifestyle. There is no path I can follow. Only ideas of a path. And this drives me crazy.

I think I'm a lot more like the people around me than I usually feel like I am when I say that getting overwhelmed for me means shutting down. It means I don't.... "life"? very well. And more than anything it means I don't hunt new performing opportunities, take classes, or train on my own. It means I disappear into a bubble of what is comfortable.

The most difficult part about this feeling is that it feels like there is an entire world's worth of things to do. and getting back on top of my projects would seem impossible, but that isn't true. All I have to do is 1 thing. So here we go. One step.

I'll be posting regularly again now. Every Friday. So stay tuned as I recant my life in theatre and hopefully make some big leaps forward this year. I'm ready!

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