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So it looks like I'm going to be back in a theatrical production next month! I am so excited to be back on stage and in a musical which I haven't done for over a year. Somehow I've only been in straight plays and films since last summer... I wonder if that says something?

Well, I know that I have set myself up for an overload, so I'm going to apologize in advance if the blog or Theatre Customs falls behind. I'm going to do my best to keep them coming ON TIME, but... we'll see!

Seeing as a cast list hasn't been posted yet I won't say what production I'll be working on, but I can say that I'm always surprised by where opportunities come up. In the early spring I had an awful general audition, and I remember leaving that room thinking that I wouldn't be called back for a single roll with that company. But, this is the first show of their season, and it seems that I didn't burn the bridge that I thought I might have. It just goes to show why you should always go to auditions with an open mind and never be over critical of yourself. You never know what the casting director is seeing on the other side of the room.

So my advice this week is to just do it! Have fun, know that you won't always please everyone, but you never know when something you thought was trash will catch someone's eye and make them think of you next time.


I have two final things to say regarding my "Adventures in Acting" blog. The first is that I have been doing this for about four months now, and I am starting to think about moving it in a different direction. I know that not everything I've been saying has been as interesting to you as it is to me, and I want this blog to be for you! So please, let me know what you want to hear about, even if that means completely changing the style of this blog!

The second thing is that I have started a YouTube Channel called Theatre Customs, and I have really really enjoyed learning and then talking about where the customs that we take for granted come from. I have also thought about changing this blog to be more of a forum deeper conversation regarding those videos.

If you haven't yet seen Theatre Customs, please check it out! And as always, I'll see you all next week.

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