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Let's Get Moving

In two weeks I will start rehearsing one of my favorite musicals, however in a part that I've already done. As you know, about 6 months ago I made a final decision that I wanted to be a professional actor. And not only that, but that I needed to make an effort to make myself that. So, is this going to be helpful? Or will it just be fun?

The strange thing is that I got an audition at Center Rep the same day I got the offer, so I felt like I had a big decision on my hands. Center Rep would be fantastic to work for as one of the few Equity houses in the area, even though the audition was for Mama Mia in the ensemble. But it would be a foot in the door...

So I went for it. But long story short, I wasn't cast. I'm really excited to take the work at the other theatre, and my thought is this.

I want to work, but I have had some bad experiences in shows that I've been told didn't show my best side. There could be one reason for me to turn down work... but.....

Always keep working!


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