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A Reason Why

Let's see.... I'm almost caught up! I forgot that I actually love to write this blog. I do hope you all are enjoying reading this as much as I enjoy writing it!

After my adventures in different levels of theatre I went through a straight play phase. I have always loved musicals, and always thought that if I ended up anywhere as a actor it would be on Broadway working on musicals! And I can tell you right now, after so many months without a musical under my belt I'm feeling the itch to dance and sing. However, I can also say that working on the Laramie Project with Palo Alto Players at the beginning of this year was one of the most fulfilling projects of my career.


There, that is MUCH better!

I was thrilled to get back to my roots. I always said I wanted to be an actor because I have a driving need to know why people do what they do. Who are these people? How could they have ended up that way? And how could I have ended up like them? And it doesn't matter if it's a character I love or despise, I could easily have become any of them. The oxymoronic thing about my love of musicals is that they tend not to delve into characters as deeply as straight plays.

San Francisco Playhouse calls themselves "The Empathy Gym". I love that! They want their audiences to look at situations and strange people from a new perspective through their plays. That is what this art form is all about! Or rather, that is why I act.

So moving forward I have begun to question why I want to work on each upcoming production. Why watch the movies I watch? Why go to the plays and musicals? There are so many benefits of this art form, though most may not be an "Empathy Gym" fist and foremost. Some are just fun. So, even thought I miss musicals at the moment I find myself reinvigorated. You have to find your passion! I think I'm discovering mine all over again.

And with that, I will end my ramblings. Until next week!

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