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Big Changes

2020 looked like it was going to be the year my career to took off. I started off the year with 3 back to back shows--two of which were at union houses--and even more theatre houses calling me into auditions. I was going to get my AEA card this year, proving to myself that I am a professional actor, and not just a hobbyist.

Then COVID-19 hit the US.

Laughter on the 23rd Floor closed after a single preview, and my next project (August Osage County) was delayed indefinitely. My side job/main job of serving closed, and I was relegated to working the takeout counter where I made less than 1/4 of the income I was making before. It's a story that is not unique to me.

I did my best to keep my creative juices flowing though. I

took a part time hobby of hiking and photography and made it my main focus. and as I started to get good at it I began to talk to friends, I set up photoshoots. I now even have a text conversation with a family friend who sends me an uncountable amount of photos daily. Once a week or so I send him 4-5 of my favorites.

But I miss acting. I haven't gone this long without performing since the dark days (the 4 or so years that I got wrangled into managing a restaurant). So I decided I need to make a change. And that change is a big one.

I'm moving to LA.

I've always been interested in film work, and I know that its just about the only form of acting that is available now. Over the years I went from an exclusively musical theatre actor to a mainly straight play actor, so the step to film feels like a small one.

Time to try something new. Time to move forward! Change things up!

Time to get to work!

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