Adventures in Acting

Josiah's blog, Adventures in Acting, is a weekly publication that follows his adventures as he finds his footing in the San Francisco Bay Area acting Scene.

Theatre Customs

Theatre Customs is a periodic YouTube series about the customs, superstitions, and terms used in the theatre and where they come from.

How did theatre games develop?

Why are we afraid of saying "good luck" to each other?

Join me in this video publication!

Laughter on the 23rd Floor

Hillbarn Theatre

by Neil Simon

Inspired by the playwright’s youthful experience as a staff writer on Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows, with all the attendant comic drama as the harried writing staff frantically scrambles to top each other with gags while competing for the attention of star madman “Max Prince”.

“One of [Simon’s] funniest…Comedy, comedy all the way.” – Newsweek

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